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Hymec Aerospace Your low-cost local option for aircraft component manufacturing and integration of assemblies.

About us

One of the most progressive engineering groups within our industry


Who We Are

Established in 1978 Hymec Aerospace Manufacturing Group is considered to be one of the most progressive engineering groups within our Industry.

Located in the UK we have attained a formidable record for extensive manufacturing experience covering the production of precision machined components, sheet metal and structural assemblies for incorporation into all types of industries, aerospace, defence, medical and telecommunications market.

Hymec Aerospace has been successfully working in the demanding field of the production of aerospace components for over 30 years. The facilities and integrated systems have been updated and modified to keep ahead of current demands and standards.

In addition, to ensure full compliance with BS EN ISO 9002 the company has introduced spot audits and inspections on a regular basis. In short Hymec Aerospace have the facilities, technology and systems in place to meet your requirements in the production of aerospace components.

The Team

The company has continuously grown with the demand for its services, backed by a highly skilled workforce and experienced management team striving to provide an exemplary service to our customers.

Client Projects

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Aircraft Interior Components and Major Assemblies for Seating

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snowflake template image news

Aircraft Cockpit Components and Electrical Assemblies

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Supporting more than just Aerospace

Rallycross CarRallycross Car


August 2015, Liam Doran lent his RallyCross car to the BBC for a short Film with Jensen Button and David Coulthard for the lead up to the 2015 Russian Grandprix. (Video Link)

As the Hymec Group of Companies supply custom machined parts to Liam Doran Motorsport for their cars, we were allowed a little advertisement on the front grill of the car David is in.

Source - BBC Sport / bbc.co.uk - ©2015 BBC

If you want to keep up to date with Liam and his Monster car check out FIAWorldRallyCross and see how team SDRX are doing.



These are just a small demonstration of some of the thousands of parts we have made

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

CNC Machining

Hymec Aerospace has a wide range of ancillary equipment to serve your high standards. This equipment includes metal treatments, drill presses, welding equipment, saws, sanders, blasters, and so much more.

3, 4 and 5 Axis machining to a maximum envelope of 4m x 2.5m x 1m.

Turning and mill turning to 80mm in Diameter and offering a vast capability on Sliding head machines.


Ensuring that your Aerospace parts meet your specifications is Hymec’s goal. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, Hymec Aerospace inspects your parts on a regular basis by means of FARO Arms and Mitutoyo CMM’s.


Hymec Aerospace has a dedicated team of assemblers and can fulfill your needs for a wide range of requirements. From Multi level Assemblies, welding to electronics, and beyond, Hymec Aerospace stands ready to serve.

the facilities, technology and systems in place to meet your requirements



Are you looking to take your next step in Engineering?

If you would like to be part of an industry growing 5% each year for at least the next 20 years then please get in touch, not only do we have excellent working hours we also offer training and a bonus scheme.

Here at Hymec we are always interested to hear from talented individuals to join our team, for more information please email:  careers@hymec.net or call 01752 511002.


Have you ever thought about training as an engineer? Wondered if this is the right career for you? At Hymec Aerospace we pride ourselves in offering outstanding opportunities to train as an apprentice.

Having successfully supported the National Apprenticeship Scheme for many years we are considered one of the top training facilities in the South West.

If you would like further information please call us on:  01752 511002, alternatively email  Careers@hymec.net.

Fully compliant with AS9100

Our Machines

A bad worksman always blames his tools, We have no excuses

Co-ordinate measuring machine

Where we are in the world

Our Locations

Manufacturing facilities in strategic locations

Plymouth, UK

Our Facility

Hymec Aerospace (UK) Ltd experience as an integrator

The Hymec Aerospace Group provides service as a Tier 1 supplier, serving as your one-stop-shop in all of your aerospace needs for machined components, fabrications and assemblies. Hymec teams with product and service suppliers across the country and around the world to provide the parts needed to get your project into the air or space.

Advantage of Hymec Aerospace as an integrator

Hymec’s vast experience, knowledge and reputation for excellence in commercial, defence and aerospace production / manufacturing has allowed it to become an effective leader in integration. Located near many of its sub-contractors, Hymec Aerospace (UK) can manufacture or can acquire components, assemble, test, and prepare full assemblies with less effort and lead-time than in-house personnel at your plant.

Hymec Aerospace maintains on-site storage facilities for parts and assemblies, and can manage the entire process to ensure that clients receive product as expected and when needed. The Hymec Aerospace Group program managers and procurement staff work together to ensure the entire process is seamless to you.

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